“My daughter had a blast! She is a child that does not talk about what happens at school but every day when she got home she told us all about her day. I love it.”

Testimonial 2

“Summer Academy was AMAZING for my son.  His teacher was great, the communication from SA was wonderful, and the daily pictures were a bonus.  My son struggles sometimes with engagement and he LOVED going to SA every day and frequently shared all his learning.”

Testimonial 1

“My daughter told us last night, ‘They don’t do anything in a boring way here. Everything is creative and interesting.’  That is enough endorsement for us. Teaching them learning is about interesting new ideas, curiosity, and wonder is exactly our goal too.”

Testimonial 3

“I was so impressed by the projects including the creativity in the planning as well as the support in the execution. It was challenging for my kiddo who is not often challenged in regular school AND she had a blast.”