Website Redesign

The existing Summer Academy website served us well for many years, and itself was a great improvement over the previous website. However, five years ago when the site was built, we didn’t have almost 50% of the site’s traffic coming from mobile devices, and we didn’t have almost half of our teachers writing their own blogs during the Academy. We knew it was time for an update, and  in 2015 we made the decision as a governing board to improve the website to fully capture the essence of what Summer Academy is about, and make it easier for all device types to access and use the website.

Working With Catch22 Marketing

Through the “Discovery” sessions we came to understand that two of the key areas for improvement were “ease of use” (on many levels) and the website functionality. Summer Academy has such a complex and specific set of needs that trying to simplify and satisfy the demands of parents, children, teachers and district representatives was a serious task.

SA Navigation

Through the planning stage Catch22 suggested overhauling the existing sitemap and navigation structure, improving sign-posting of where to go and what to do next and introducing much clearer calls to action.

Lastly was the design stage. The visual improvement was not a main priority for us but as you can see – the new design is stunning. Combined with the new branding, the new website is an improvement in every single department over the original and especially on mobile devices.

Sumer Academy Redesign

Web Design Company Twin Cities

If you’re thinking about designing a new website for your school, college or non-profit I would seriously consider Catch22 Marketing as a web design company. They bring a lot to the table and are great to deal with. They are based in White Bear Lake but work with companies all over the Twin Cites and Minnesota.