To Be an Artist!

Class # 32   Grades: 3- 4- 5

Class Overview

How do artists get ideas? Inspiration is all around us.  Artists know how to look at the world through “artist eyes” noticing colors, patterns, textures, interesting lines and incorporating them into their artwork.  The course is meant to guide kids through the creative process to inevitably unleash their creative potential. In this course students will get their hands on clay, combine photography and graffiti to create a one-of-a-kind canvas and explore other exciting art mediums not typically offered during the school year.  Students will marvel at the joy of experimenting with spray paint, ink, various sculptural materials and bookmaking techniques. To Be An Artist will also take students on fun-filled trips to MN Center for Book Arts and a glass making studio to learn from other working artists

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Megan Wallin

Megan Wallin graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a BA in K-12 Art Education.  She has been the Art Specialist for 13 years at Edgerton Elementary in the Roseville School District.  As an art educator, Megan loves the challenge of helping kids to solve the same artistic problem in a variety of ways and encourage kids to highlight their individual experiences and interests.  In her free time, Megan enjoys painting, drawing, running and cooking. This is her second year at Summer Academy.


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To Be an Artist!

1 in stock