Strategy Games of the World

Class # 14   Grades: 2- 3

Class Overview

Chess!  Mancala!  Nine Man Morris!  Go-Moku!  These strategy games from around the world were developed hundreds of years ago, yet are still played today.  In this exciting class you will learn the history of these challenging games, the rules to play, and thinking strategies that will help develop your problem-solving abilities.  We will analyze different games and discuss what makes them challenging, but fun.  As a final activity, you will design a new strategy game or modify an existing one.  Checkmate!

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Tom Mathern

Tom Mathern has taught second and fourth grades and was a building technology coordinator.  He has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from St. Cloud State University and is currently teaching second grade at Blue Heron Elementary in the Centennial School District.  This is Mr. Mathern’s fourteenth year at Summer Academy.

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Strategy Games of the World

6 in stock