Predators of the Sea and Sky

Class # 20   Grades: 2- 3

Class Overview

Sharks and raptors: terrifying or awe-inspiring? Join us as we search the skies and seas to discover the truth behind birds of prey and sharks. Students will learn how these predators hunt, how their physical traits make them unique, their importance to the ecosystem, and threats they face. This is a multi-disciplinary class in which we will use games, crafts, books, videos, and online research to guide our learning. Students will also have a chance to explore and teach about an animal of interest. Field trips may include the Minnesota Zoo, SeaLife Aquarium, and The Raptor Center. In this class we will develop a new respect for these fierce and often-misunderstood creatures.

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Amy Rouzer

Amy Rouzer is currently the media specialist at Hayes Elementary School in the Fridley Public Schools district. She is the coordinator for her school’s extracurricular group for high-achieving students. She has previously taught gifted and talented students in Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development summer program. Amy has a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Indiana University, a Master of Library and Information Science from Pittsburgh University, and a certificate in Gifted Education from Hamline University.

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Predators of the Sea and Sky

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