Let Music Move You

Class # 26   Grades: 6- 7- 8- 9

Class Overview

Do you like music? Have a favorite artist or perhaps a favorite song of all time? If you spend your days jamming out to good tunes then this course is for you!  In this course, you will listen to a wide variety of songs, watch music videos, and read lyrics to examine and formulate opinions about social justice topics including: acceptance of all people, political activism, homophobia, poverty, racism, and sexism. You will take the daily occurrence of listening to music and turn it into a powerful tool to explore, understand, and create.

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Jenna Proulx

Jenna Proulx is in her second year of teaching and is currently a sixth grade teacher within the Maplewood school district. She graduated in 2020 at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth with a degree in elementary education. She is currently working on receiving a masters degree in education. Along with academics, she has had experience teaching abroad in Tanzania and Mexico. She enjoys traveling, being outdoors, running and writing.

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Let Music Move You

7 in stock