Incredible Machines, Devices & Gizmos

Class # 23   Grades: 5- 6- 7

Class Overview

Design, then build devices and contraptions that twist, turn, and even defy the laws of gravity. Apply the forces of the universe to make your own, unique roller coaster and self-propelled gizmos. No scientific background is necessary, but be prepared to “fire up” your creative, artistic, and logic skills. You will learn how engineers and architects work by designing, then building a 21st century environment or even your own mechanical pinball machine. GIRLS AND BOYS, if you enjoy problem solving with both your hands and minds, this engineering course is for you.

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Jim Shey

Jim Shey returns to Summer Academy for his 21st year.  In addition to teaching grades six through college for 40+ years, he is a master carpenter and certified welder.  Mr. Shey has built numerous homes and is self-employed as a “genuine handy man” who can fix just about anything, including electronics and networks.

John Stangl

John Stangl returns to Summer Academy for his 37th year.  He has designed and taught many successful engineering courses at the Science Museum of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, Augsburg College, the University of North Dakota, and school districts throughout the upper Midwest.


Additional Info

Note:  For girls and boys who are toying with the possibility of a career in an engineering field, this course offers a sound environment where one can tinker. Tinkering is something that all of us should know how to do, for it affects many fields of work and play.

NOTE: Two sections are offered of this class, #49 and #50.  Students can expect to be placed in either section, but should register for course #49.

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Incredible Machines, Devices & Gizmos

5 in stock