Graphic Novels: Stories in Words & Pictures

Class # 19   Grades: 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

Comic books? Manga? Graphic Novels? Are these books just silly stories about super heroes and cartoon characters, or is there more to this style of literature? Come explore this increasingly popular style of literature…the graphic novel. We will learn all about how to draw and write in a way that effectively combines pictures and words to tell a complete story. We will even begin to explore how comic artists use digital tools to create their art. Come to Learn, Read, Draw, and combine them all!

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Jason Olson

Jason Olson has been a teacher for five years at Fridley High School and two years at Wayzata High School, but he has loved teaching and learning for much longer! He is passionate about kayaking and backpacking, exploring new places preferably in his kayak, and of course, exploring new worlds through reading! He is passionate about getting others excited about reading and is especially excited about the effect of pictures and the written word, specifically how they powerfully unite in the graphic novel.

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Graphic Novels: Stories in Words & Pictures

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