Design Studio

Class # 14   Grades: 3- 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

Did you ever wonder who designed the Golden Arches on the McDonald’s sign or the logo for your favorite sports team?  Well, join us in the Summer Academy Graphic Arts Studio and learn for yourself, while you work on a variety of challenging design projects.  You will work in a group to come up with a logo for a fictitious sports team and, as the artist of your own business, you will be commissioned by a client in the Summer Academy to design a logo for their class.  In the process, you will improve your drawing skills and experiment with new techniques and mediums.  A visit to a graphic design studio and an art school will introduce you to future options in the art world.  Have fun this summer sharing your enthusiasm, talent and creativity.

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Ann Roman

Ann Roman is a professional Artist and Storyteller.  Annie is the owner of “Discovery & Creativity,” her business offering art residencies, workshops and classes on all things creative.  Annie has been teaching at Summer Academy for 21 years.


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Design Studio

3 in stock