Clay The Architectural Way

Class # 33   Grades: 3- 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

Have you ever thought how fun it would be to build a dream house? A place you can call your own. If building with clay sounds like fun, then this combination will be a blast. Our first step will be creating a blue print of your future house.  Next, we will be building clay walls and all the details.  Once the home is carefully constructed, and fired in the kiln, we will assemble our very own community.  A real estate brochure will complete our course.

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Maria Ahrndt

My name is Maria Ahrndt.  I have been an art teacher at Spring Lake Park High school since 1993.  I am excited every year to return and reconnect with the creative young minds at Summer Academy.     Although it is very rewarding to see high school graduates return with news about their exciting new art careers, I miss the early stages of creativity and enthusiasm of an elementary child. I enjoy teaching every aspect of art production like drawing, painting, crafts, and sculpting in clay and plaster.  My interests are reading, mural painting, and going to museums.

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Clay The Architectural Way

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