North Suburban Summer Academy: Open Positions

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First Grade Project (Teachers)

North Suburban Summer Academy is seeking candidates to teach the math and science and variety strands of First Grade Project. Teachers need to meet the unique needs of the high-potential student; helping them develop leadership skills, creativity, problem solving and communication in a challenging, analytical atmosphere. Course objectives should be attained through the use of structured activities, extensive emphasis on higher-level questioning, peer interaction and critical analysis.

Application Due By: May 3, 2019

Program Assistant (Runners)  

This is an entry level position.  Program assistants are responsible for setting up classrooms before Summer Academy begins and tearing down classrooms at the close of Summer Academy.  During Summer Academy, Program Assistant duties include, but are not limited to, helping supervise playground during break time, conveying messages, maintaining paperwork, photocopying, cleaning, assisting teachers and staff as necessary.

Application Due By: May 3, 2019