Registering for Summer Academy 2022

If you already know you want to attend this year’s SA program, register online beginning on March 12th.  If you haven’t decided on which classes yet, go check out the classes now!

Step 1: Receive Invitation

Receive invitation by one of three ways: (1) Summer Academy Brochure distributed at school, (2) Summer Academy Postcard distributed at school, (3) Summer Academy Invitation Email sent in February to students who have previously attended Summer Academy.

The online registration password can be found on the postcards and inside the front cover of the brochure. All passwords are the same. The online information is the same information found in a hardcopy brochure.

Step 2: Browse and Select Courses

Browse courses for Grades 1-11

Selecting The Course – Each course runs four hours in length, daily, except for the extended days which run from 8:00-2:30 p.m.

Students will be able to select from any available courses within your grade level, on the website. If your first choice is not available, you have the option to choose another course or sign up for the course waiting list.

Because classes fill quickly, students are encouraged to have three to five courses that interest them; however, students will be enrolled in only one course.

Step 3: (Optional) Pre-Register

You now have the option to pre-register your children with Summer Academy. Pre-registration doesn’t guarantee a class with SA. 

Navigate to the My Account page, and enter your registration information. You will use this email and password to login later to complete the class purchase.

Once you have created your account, you will be able to add your children as students by completing one form for each student. Once you’ve entered your children as students, you’ve completed the pre-registration process.

When SA opens, return to the site with your login information and password to complete checkout with your preferred class.

Step 4: Register

Registration opens on March 12, 2022. Please be aware that registration for courses may potentially close on day one due to high demand. Registration for Summer Academy 2022 will only be available online.

Registration Procedures By the start of Summer Academy 2022, students must have completed grade 1 and have the recommendation of their local districts. (The student’s grade is the 2021-2022 grade they just completed.) First priority will be given to students from sponsoring districts listed on the cover of this brochure.

In the event that there is not enough interest in a course, it will be cancelled.  Summer Academy will work with these students to place them in another available course. If a placement isn’t possible, a refund will be given.

Step 5: Communication From Summer Academy

The following information will be communicated with families prior to the start of Summer Academy via email and/or the Summer Academy website: teacher and room assignments, student questionnaire, building map, parking details, arrival/dismissal maps, welcoming letter from Summer Academy teacher and other pertinent information.