• Summer Academy contracts a Registered Nurse(RN)/ Licensed School Nurse who is on site for the entirety of the Academy.
  • Students who require medication or medical management during the Academy day should expect to receive care in the health office on site. To ensure the safety of all students, all medications must be provided from home and kept in the health office with a completed Dispensation of Medication form on file with the nurse.
  • Families can expect to drop off paperwork, medication, and medical supplies in the health office with the nurse during the Preview (Sunday prior to Academy) or on the first day of camp starting at 7:30 am.
  •  Student medical conditions are disclosed to the student’s Academy teacher as need to know information. Emergency medications are sent from the health office in the care of classroom teachers on all field trips and teachers are provided a brief video training from the Nurse on how to administer student specific emergency medications.
  • Please reach out to the Summer Academy nurse at with further questions.