Get Inspired!

Many times teachers would like to teach at Summer Academy but get stuck coming up with a topic about what they would teach. In an effort to help in this process, we have compiled some tips as well as a list of possible topics for the upcoming session. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a springboard. It should be noted that new courses must not repeat offerings available during the school year or duplicate existing courses at Summer Academy – a complete list can be found here.

Thoughts on Topic Selection

Think of subjects/activities/hobbies that you enjoy. Something in which you have expertise and enjoy doing/studying. These are often outside your teaching world – they are what you like to do in your spare time – the things that keep you sane and happy. It is here that great SA course material can be found.

It always works best if you have a fine fondness for the topic. Remember that all SA courses need to be interdisciplinary in content – which gives you many places to play.

If you are a secondary teacher, consider proposing a class for elementary students. You will likely enjoy the students’ brightness.

Further Suggestions

Outside of your favorite things to do or to collect or to study, you might consider proposing a course on one of the following topics below. Most of these ideas are for classes for students who have just completed grades 2-7. These are just suggestions – you will have other ideas.

List of Possible Topics and Classes
Language Arts:
Modern Fantasy (Reading & Writing) Speech/Debate
Cryptology Fibonacci & Patterns in the World
Set Theory Logic
iPad App Creation
Alternate Energy Forensics
Human Body Minnesota Animals/Ecosystem
Neuroscience Psychology
Science of Sports Veterinarian (Animal Biology/Medicine)
Social Science:
Futuristic Living Government/Legislation
Money/Economics Pirates – History & Culture
Sociology/Social Issues United Nations (simulation & geography)