Course Documents List

#Course Name - Support Staff PositionRoomLast NameFirst name
1Exploring Habitats through STEAM205 HECassidy Kara
2Exploring Habitats through STEAM203 HEWoodcockDenise
3Exploring Habitats through STEAM207 HEZukowskiMaddie
4Pay to the Order Of 10 HEPetersonTeresa
5Pay to the Order Of 8 HENevaAmber
6El Mercado 279FeirnKerry
7From Story To Stage290KarlssonDoreen
8Written & Illustrated By You277DittrichTiffany
9Written & Illustrated By You275DickinsonJanet
10Inventions & Engineering234PluimTracy
11Inventions & Engineering235PluimAnna
12Inventions & Engineering237/238ZustiakLeah
13Inventions & Engineering236/240LyttleJulie
14Strategy Games Of The World195MathernTom
15International Detectives297DonskerMaxwell
16Ocean Adventures4 HEGilsrudMichelle
17Ocean Adventures6 HEThoresonCarrie
18Art Cycle 114 HEEnglerGabrielle
19I'm a Tech Ninja! 293/295WhitwoodStacey
20I'm a Tech Ninja! 291CrandallJamie
21Predators of the Sea and Sky292/294RouzerAmy
23Rock World280EngelIsaac
24Rock World282MarekRenee
25Adventures in Art117 HEThurstonJean
26Common Ground: How Minnesota Eats8ScanlonLindsey
27It's Greek to Me210 HEDoughtyKrysta
28The Power of Water212 HEHagenLinda
29I Survived…215KochKevin
30To Be an Artist!99WallinMegan
31To Be an Artist! 98Eiswald Teri
32Go West Young Woman198LajkoRhonda
33Cool Caves5 HELynum Jeff
34Cool Caves7 HELynum Michelle
35Are You a Mythbuster?9 HEMarshallBecky
36Are You a Mythbuster?11 HELewis Elyse
37Photo Academy: Learning to Click196BurkeMarie
38Design Studio102RomanAnn
39Clay The Architectural Way96AhrndtMaria
40Graphic Novels: Telling Stories299OlsonJason
42Lego Robotics Lab283HubertyMichael
43Lego Robotics Lab281HummelKaren
44Castles, Kings & Other Things191OwenMair
45Stop Motion Animation197/194BueckslerAmy
46Physics, Physics, Physics54/55HansonAbram
47Summer Academy Players Presents: Great Americans of the 20th Century130 H.S.AudCatheyRachel
48Architectural Design70FeirnFred
49Chemistry: Fun With Matter93MarquardtBrian
50Mathematical Investigations 284Carlson-KelmChris
51Incredible Machines, Devices & GizmosGYM 150StanglJohn
52Incredible Machines, Devices & GizmosGYM 150SheyJames
53Video Games For Good53NellisKristen
54Simulation Games193NaraBill
55Clay Studio94CelibertiAnn
56Science in the Kitchen 137Flanagan Jakky
57Astronomy: Our World In Space105BullardJeff
58A Chemist's #1 Tool91GenskowElizabeth
59Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 13 HELundinJoleen
60Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 16 HEDeBoerJen
61Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 14 HEZalewskiGretchen
62Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 15 HEHibbardMegan
63Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 17 HEYaglowskiRebecca
64Patterns & Impressions: Math/Science 12 HEReedTammy
65Patterns & Impressions: Language Arts 208 HEPalkowitshSara
66Patterns & Impressions: Language Arts 209 HEZafftMolly
67Patterns & Impressions: Variety202 HEOlsonSuzie
68Patterns & Impressions: Variety204 HESchwalbeAnne
69Patterns & Impressions: Variety206 HEGeorgeMegan