Video Games for Good!

Class # 53   Grades: 5- 6- 7- 8

Class Overview

What if video games could actually help people?  In this class we will not only create video games, but also partner with local non-profit organizations.  Through the power of social media and marketing, students will design games to draw attention to the local organization and aid in their efforts.  You will use your creativity to design and program your own games that will be able to be played by others on the web!  This class will teach the programming skills needed to create the newest game sensation!


Kristen Nellis

Kristen Nellis has been teaching technology for over ten years at Forest Lake High School.  She has a Marketing Education degree and has her Master’s in Management and Leadership.  She has taught courses about Online Web Design, Web Design I and II, Video Game Design and was voted 2011 TIES Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

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