Take It to the Limit

Class # 40   Grades: 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

Do you like a good math challenge?  If so, have I got some problems for you!  In Take it to the Limit you will find trigonometry even in circles.  You will find Calculus topics such as limits, derivatives and integrals at amusement parks.  You will work in teams to complete challenges and you will construct roller coasters and other amusement park rides that use mathematics to thrill us!  We will study famous mathematicians and the concepts they recognized.  We will take a trip to Nickelodeon Universe and experience math firsthand while riding roller coasters and Ferris wheels.  We will see mathematics in many new and amazing places.  If you love math, join us as we Take it to the Limit!


Holly Ashton

Holly Ashton graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in mathematics.  She has her Master’s degree in Applied Math from Iowa State University in Ames.  Ms. Ashton taught math in a middle school for several years in Florida and then began teaching at the community college level.  Currently Ms. Ashton resides with her family in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she teaches math at Pikes Peak Community College.  In addition to teaching college students, Ms. Ashton has spent years volunteering in her children’s elementary school classrooms working with high-achieving math students, challenging them to stretch their math skills to the limit.  This is Ms. Ashton’s eleventh year with Summer Academy.

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