Physics, Physics, Physics!

Class # 48   Grades: 4- 5- 6

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Do you ever wonder how rollercoasters make you feel the way they do? Does a 310 metric ton hovercraft “floating” on air completely baffle you? Do you love being able to answer the question, “Why???” It sounds like you are more interested in physics than you thought!

Physics is an international language of its own, which you will learn to understand and speak by immersing yourself in it. Observe, measure, and analyze how physics influences the world around you. Become an expert in the motion of everyday objects like toys, rockets, rides at Nickelodeon Universe, and even your friends. Hear from experts on topics like SCUBA diving, meteorology, NASA, and more!

Understand how and what forces affect you while going about your daily life such as walking down the street, riding your bike, playing catch or even twisting around turns on roller coasters! Discover the different types of energy that influence our universe, such as mechanical and gravitational energy. Build your own car, hover craft, roller coaster, and water rocket! Excited yet? Then come bolster your budding physicist mind.

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Abe Hanson

Abe Hanson is a 5th grade teacher in the Roseville School District.  He has coached Future Problem Solving (FPS) for over a decade, including two trips to the international competition.  Mr. Hanson is returning for his eighth year at Summer Academy.


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NOTE: Two sections are offered of this class, #45 and #46.  Students can expect to be placed in either section, but should register for course #45.

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Physics, Physics, Physics!

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