Lego Robotics Lab

Class # 41   Grades: 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we will not be running a Lego Robotics course during Summer Academy 2018. We intend to bring this outstanding course back to Summer Academy in 2019. We are sorry for any frustration or confusion this may cause. Please contact Mike Schroeder at if you have questions.

What can build a car, diffuse a bomb, traverse the surface of Mars, climb sheer walls with ease, fly at high speed, and shoot lasers from its eyes?  ROBOTS!  What’s even cooler than robots?  LEGO ROBOTS! Join the Lego Robotics Lab, and you’ll learn to design, build, and program your own robots.  Choose to tackle problem solving challenges we provide, or let your imagination run wild and create the next R2-D2!  We’ll use Lego EV3 software to program our bots.  If you’re already a Mindstorms/EV3 expert, we’ll challenge your skills. If you’ve never programmed before, we’ll teach you how.  No experience required, just imagination.


Michael Huberty

Michael Huberty teaches statistics and math at the University of Minnesota and Mounds View High School.  He is pursuing a doctorate in statistics education at the University of Minnesota.  Michael has been involved with Science Olympiad for over 20 years, organizing science tournaments for elementary, middle, and high school students, and currently serves as the National Event Coordinator for the Robo-Cross event.  He is looking forward to his fifth year teaching Lego Robotics Lab.

Karen Hummel
Karen Hummel teaches 3rd grade at Valentine Hills Elementary School in the Mounds View School District.  She has taught Lego Robotics (Mindstorm and EV3) and coached the Edgewood Middle School FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team.  She is excited for her second year with Summer Academy.

Additional Info

NOTE: Three sections are offered of this class, #38, #39 and #40.  Students can expect to be placed in any of the three sections, but should register for course #38.

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