Hands-on Fun with Math, Science and…Art?

Class # 45   Grades: 4- 5- 6

Class Overview

What do math and science have to do with art? A lot, it turns out!

How can you create super efficient designs in engineering, technology, computer science and architecture? By looking at beautiful patterns in nature, of course! Come explore mathematical patterns of fractals (repeated patterns found in nature that get bigger and bigger) and create some of your own, making them wonderful pieces of art. We will also learn about biology, physics and chemistry through the use of hands-on playing and building.

Get ready to get busy creating, designing, testing and learning all at the same time with curriculum from the Fractal Foundation and Curious Minds LLC.


Jennifer Schuetz

With a Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Science, a strong background in mathematics and a love of art, Jennifer Schuetz brings her passion for creating, learning and discovering to the classroom. Her hands-on and inquiry-based approach provides students with opportunities for creative and critical thinking as well as peer collaboration. She is both the executive director of the Fractal Foundation and an instructor for Curious Minds LLC.

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