First Grade Project

Class # 0   Grades: 1

Class Overview

In an effort to offer multiple choices to students completing first grade, multiple patterns and impressions strands are offered. The overall premise of guided discovery, depth, and complexity are threaded through each strand, but the means in which students discover will vary. All strands will include some form of writing, advanced reading, math, science, and creative arts applications, but the content-focused strands will be spending most of their time working within their content area.

Please join us for a Patterns and Impressions strand this year. It is an opportunity to learn beside other students like you.

Please Note: District representatives will be sending First Grade Project materials and application forms to recommended students. Apply online or use the First Grade Project application given to your student. Please do not complete a downloadable application.

If you have any questions, please contact your District Representative.

Strand Descriptions

A Variety of Patterns and Impressions:
Students will observe, create, and learn from patterns and connections while exploring language, art, movement, math, architecture, color, animals, environments, quilting and weaving

Patterns and Impressions in Math & Science:
Students will take the role of mathematical and scientific investigators and explore patterns and impressions in math, natural and physical science, architecture, design, sound, light, color, geometry, and literature.

Patterns and Impressions in Language Arts:
Using stories, books, and writing, this class will observe and create patterns. The students will study a variety of kinds of writing including poetry, tall tales, creative writing, bookmaking and more.

Additional Info

Successful First Grade Project students:

If you have any questions, please contact your District Representative.


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