Chemistry: Fun with Matter

Class # 48   Grades: 5- 6

Class Overview

Have you ever experienced something exploding, burning, glowing, changing color, fizzing or getting cold? When this is happening, there is a change in the matter that makes up what you are seeing. Changes in matter happen whether we are paying attention or not, but people who study these changes have a lot of fun exploring how the world works. These people are called chemists and I’m inviting you to become one for a few weeks this summer.

Join us as we make matter change and measure some of the results. Each day, we will perform a different experiment (or two or three) and see what we can learn from all the changes in color, temperature, size, texture and even taste. That’s right – cooking is mostly chemistry, so some of our experiments will be edible! We’ll also talk to some people who do chemistry for a living and get some idea of the cool things they do. Perhaps you are thinking about becoming a scientist, a medical professional or an engineer. Being a chemist for a week will introduce you to some things that will definitely be a part of your future in those careers. But this class is not just for science geeks – it’s for anyone who wants to have fun and learn more about how the world works at the same time. Plus, you’ll get to wear some really stylish goggles!


Brian Marquardt

Brian Marquardt has been a science educator for the past 27 years.  He was a middle school science teacher for 16 years and is currently teaching high school Biology in the Centennial School District.  In his spare time he grows Christmas trees, coaches youth sports, and looks for opportunities to do some wilderness camping.

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