Animals in Art

Class # 31   Grades: 3- 4- 5

Class Overview

Have you ever wanted to capture a tiger? Do you know how to stop a sprinting gazelle? Could you bring to life a sleeping bear? Join us this summer as we use photography, drawing, and 3-dimensional art to study the animal world. We will not only study examples of excellence in these media, but get involved with the action ourselves through trips to the Minnesota Zoo and the Raptor Center, studio sessions with family pets, and practice with turning our own photography into beautiful sketches. We will also explore the art of observation and of writing. There are countless ways to express yourself and share the newfound knowledge you will gain about the animal world. No experience is required, just a love for animals and an interest in various forms of artistic expression. Come and discover Animals In Art!


Rachel Cathey

Rachel Cathey has been teaching fifth grade at Fridley Middle School for sixteen years and is also in charge of the theatre department. Prior to Fridley, she worked at Tri-District Elementary School in Little Canada. Ms. Cathey experienced Summer Academy for many years as a student and teacher’s aide, and later, taught a class about the Renaissance. She now offers a class inspired by her life-long love for animals and art. Experiences with animals include several years of working at a domestic pet veterinary clinic, volunteering for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota avian nursery, working with bald eagles and great horned owls at the Minnesota Raptor Center, and being the primary caretaker for cats, dogs, a ferret, a gecko, chickens and snakes. She loves photographing animals in wild and domestic environments, and has filled many personal sketchbooks with drawings.


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