Adventures In Art

Class # 24   Grades: 3- 4

Class Overview

Are you interested in learning new ways to create Art? In Adventures in Art you will work with a variety of art media as you create different styles and types of art. Famous Artists related to each area will be studied as well. Your three-dimensional experience will include hand-building clay pottery plus creating Hanging Mobiles and free standing Assemblages made from wood, wire, and “Found Objects” from home. Using yourself as a model, you will create two portraits, one realistic and the other an abstract Cubistic one. Each will be completed using colored pencils, markers and paint. Your favorite animal or pet will enhance your realistic portrait. Do you like secrets? You will learn about two when you create your versions of Indian legends. A story and illustration will be completed for one legend and a clay storyteller figure with its story for the other.

Murals as an art form have been around for ages. You will create your own favorite memory in a mural. Your ideas will come together and be displayed along with classmates as one great class mural. Highlights of the class will include a Field Trip to Minneapolis Institute of Arts and/or Walker Art Center where you will see the kinds of art styles you have created in class. An art show will be planned and hung for Open House. All your works will be on display for all to see! It will be Awesome! Come and enjoy creating ART in Adventures in Art this summer!


Jean Thurston

Jean Thurston, a returning Summer Academy teacher, holds a Master’s degree in drawing, painting, and sculpture. She has completed the educational specialist degree coursework with a focus on gifted and talented and has had extensive experience working with gifted students in art, both at secondary and elementary levels. Ms. Thurston developed, for the Anoka School District, a plan for identification of the gifted and talented in art and has made state and national presentations on various topics concerning the gifted and talented art student.

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