A Time to Rise Up: From Emmett Till to George Floyd

Class # 42   Grades: 6- 7- 8

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They say Emmett Tills’ murder sparked the civil rights movement, when African Americans led the charge for equality. Holding peaceful protests that led to riots and more civil unrest. On a dark, hot summer in August of 1955 in Mississippi a 14 year old boy was taken and beaten to death for wolf whistling at a white woman. Today, we face a continuance of equality on how African Americans are treated, we witnessed the murder of George Floyd in horror and disbelief. 

This class will focus on the analysis of how civil rights movements have progressed. The road from Emmett Till to George has not been an easy one. You will research the causes and the effects of particular movements. This course will provide us a field trip to the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and include guest speakers to speak on issues that have affected the communities of Color. 

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Silvia Vasquez

My name is Silvia Vasquez I have been a Middle School Educator for the past 18 years. I graduated from Winona State University with a BA in History and a BS in secondary education in Social Studies. I obtained a minor in Spanish and in Women’s Studies.  At Saint Mary’s University, I earned a Master’s in Education and ELL, as well as a certification in Gifted and Talented Instruction. My passion is to study Social Reform Movements and Civil Rights.

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A Time to Rise Up: From Emmett Till to George Floyd

7 in stock