SA Students

Summer Academy courses are designed specifically for high-potential students. Because of this differentiation, the
following criteria describe the Academy student:

  • Enjoyment of intense study and challenge
  • Willingness to become involved
  • High degree of motivation
  • Desire and drive to complete projects
  • Successful group interaction skills
  • Self-disciplined
  • Emotional maturity
  • Cooperative nature

Student criteria also include:

  • Recommendation of his/her local district
  • Completion of at least grade two
  • Completion of application form
  • Commitment to attend all days of the Academy

SA Program Translations (PDFs)

Español (Spanish)   русский (Russian)   中国宣传册 (Chinese

About The Program

Summer Academy hosts over 1,250 students and 60 classes every summer. Students come from across the north metro area, and we want to make your first year at Summer Academy the best possible experience.