Going Beyond The Classroom

Summer Academy is a rigorous summer enrichment opportunity for district identified students that inspires, challenges and develops children like no other program in the Twin Cities.

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What Parents Have To Say

“My daughter had a blast! She is a child that does not talk about what happens at school but every day when she got home she told us all about her day. I love it.”

“He was so eager to go each day, & learn new things. He was impressed with his teachers, who seemed supportive and offered him challenges.”

“My daughter told us last night, ‘They don’t do anything in a boring way here. Everything is creative and interesting.’  That is enough endorsement for us. Teaching them learning is about interesting new ideas, curiosity, and wonder is exactly our goal too.”

“My son had a great deal of problems with bullies and other students making fun of him during the school year. Not a child in SA has my son had difficulties with. Thank you for providing an outlet for my son to meet and interact with peers that have similar interests!”

12 Districts 1 Vision

To provide dynamic, relevant programming for diverse gifted learners through a committed partnership of school districts.

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Buses are leaving Summer Academy. Have a wonderful summer!